A family

There are individual mental processes, different ways of thinking, that influence decisions and actions. They are sometimes the result of habits and experiences built up over time, in other instances innate behaviours that belong to a family tradition. In the Veneto, amidst the Colli di Conegliano hillslopes, in the Ceschin family winery, this philosophy is synonymous with uncompromising quality. It is the unceasing striving for a natural syntony between the activities undertaken and the reflections that bring them into being. It is a humility that keeps one always one step back, thus maintaining a balanced perspective, the ability to understand with a clear eye, to draw fruit from the experiences of fathers and grandfathers.

Ever hungry for new challenges and new discoveries, Nicoletto took on the crafting of a passionate undertaking, founded on the rock-solid base of his love for his own corner of earth, a complex built up, year after year, with the bricks of his own enthusiasm. This constantly evolving artwork he passed on to his son Mosè, and he to his son Giuseppe. The latter was so much the image of his grandfather that fellow townsmen, with their unerring appreciation of spiritual kinship, gave him the name Bepin de Eto, Giuseppe of Nicoletto.

Since 1965, after learning the secrets of the winegrowing art and gaining the confidence of his peers, Ettore, Giuseppe’s son, has directed the family wine operation with calm determination, now helped by his three daughters. He gave that winery the name Bepin de Eto, in homage to his father, his family, and his history.