The colour
of commitment

When one bears the spiritual physiognomy of his own local land and is nourished by its life-force, it becomes an intimate part of him. Both know each other, communicate together and together yield fruits marked by the genuine hue of passionate commitment. Such is the bond that Nicoletto, Mosè, Giuseppe, and now Ettore have always enjoyed with the Veneto. One notices it in their eyes, observes it in their hands. Hands such as those of Ettore, that know each vine of every vineyard, in a growing area boasting not one but two DOCG denominations, Colli di Conegliano and Conegliano – Valdobbiadene, where the noble goal of sustainable agriculture is at one with the arduous labours of generation after generation.

With the melding together of tradition, character, and striving for excellence, each day here witnesses new challenges, the engine that over the years has nourished the relationship of this family with its vineyards, a genuine symbiosis that ensures wines of the highest quality possible. Such a taste for challenges is what inspired Ettore Ceschin to create the Masseria Capoforte in Puglia’s Salento area and to bring forth in Italy’s south, as in its north, fully natural wines, capable of expressing in the most eloquent fashion that ancient promise between earth and man that repeats itself in every new season. This is Bepin de Eto, a winery that always impresses for the deep respect and love that bonds it to Mother Nature, creating a remarkable and unique identity, since every time a cluster is picked from the vine, its fruit coaxed out and its essence savoured, the tradition of a family’s passionate dedication is affirmed and strengthened.