Here in the Veneto region, in the Conegliano hills, my love, my passion,
is to capture the very essence of what surrounds us and to create still
and sparkling wines of outstanding quality. That striving for
ever-finer quality is the commitment I learned from my father Giuseppe,
Nicoletto’s grandson, known to all as Bepin de Eto.

Ettore Ceschin

Bepin De Eto vendemmia


Optimistic outlook for the 2016 grape harvest

The first day of the harvest, after all, is as if it was the first ever, even for those who started as "bocia" (kids) and today, with white hair, watch their grandchildren in the vineyards.

Bepin De Eto  prosecco_extra_dry


Sparkling Pleasure: the evolution in the name of tradition.

A unique sensory experience with the Sparkling Pleasure by Bepin De Eto. Two Prosecco Superior DOCG and three quality sparkling wines that mark the brilliant point of arrival of a process …