Here in the Veneto region, in the Conegliano hills, my love, my passion,
is to capture the very essence of what surrounds us and to create still
and sparkling wines of outstanding quality. That striving for
ever-finer quality is the commitment I learned from my father Giuseppe,
Nicoletto’s grandson, known to all as Bepin de Eto.

Ettore Ceschin

Vino in Villa, set in Nature and Culture.


Vino in Villa, set in Nature and Culture.

Set in "Nature and Culture", but without forgetting export, thus the nineteenth edition of Vino in Villa looks to the future.

perlage Bepin De Eto Vinitaly 2016


Bepin De Eto’s Sparkling Pleasure at Vinitaly 2016

Bepin De Eto will be present at Vinitaly from 10th to 13th April 2016. In the prestigious location of Verona’s international wine and spirits trade show...