Gift packs

Giving someone a gift is a gesture of appreciation or gratitude, a way to strengthen a business relationship or a friendship, or to make a special occasion truly memorable. Giving wine is a gesture that says all that and in addition conveys something vital about the giver, since it is an intimate part of our traditions, the fruit of our efforts, laden with genuine fragrances and lush flavours.
Bepin De Eto offers an impressive range of gifts to chose from, both still and sparkling wines, both DOC and DOCG, with single bottles or combinations in ultra-elegant gift packaging for 1, 2, and 3 bottles, and in magnum size. Purchase the gift packs directly at Cantina Bepin De Eto, 32 Via Colle, in San Pietro di Feletto (TV), or order them from your home or office by telephoning us at +39 0438 486877 or e-mailing us at