The scent
of experience

An experience that must absolutely be tried: the fragrances of vintages past that the cellar treasures and then releases, testifying to the years during which selections mature and solutions emerge. One must witness the places where the grape answers its nature and transforms itself into wine. Once ripeness comes, it prepares for a new future, a process perfected through the years, one that expert eyes must follow with meticulous attention, a path that step by step leads to a wine that is controlled and guaranteed.

In Ettoreā€™s cellar, the enthusiasm for this journey increases in degrees with each new year, while tradition and innovation strengthen their partnership, in order to express, with quality wines, what Bepin de Eto truly is. From the picking of the clusters during the harvest, then through the entire vinification process in the cellar, the grapes are carefully stewarded, step by step, to ensure the highest quality in each bottle.

Red and white wines, sweet and sparkling, all capable of capturing the attention of the most demanding palates. This too is Bepin de Eto.