Fae Passito Bianco

Fae Passito Bianco

Still wines

This passito appears a gold-flecked yellow, with an emphatic, complex bouquet of delicate spring flowers and apricot preserves, enriched by candied citrus and honey. It is warm and generous in the mouth, full-flavoured, elegant, and near endless in length.

Best enjoyed in a wide tulip-shaped glass with curved-in rim, at 12-14°C.


Faè, a wine that pays homage to the land..

Bepin De Eto invites you to discover a story with its roots in centuries past, a story woven into the green hills of San Pietro di Feletto, between Venice and Cortina. From the Latin faetum, meaning beech wood, Faè is both wine and place. Where once were dense woods of beech trees, today our gaze sweeps over the gently rolling vineyards which produce this Passito Bianco. Faè is the illustrious descendent of ancient wines which were already known and appreciated in the 16th century by nobles and merchants of the Republic of Venice. Here the Doges sent not only their cellermen but also their shipwrights to stock up on the wood needed for the republic’s vast fleet. Today, the descendants of those shipwrights select the wood needed to build the most famous boats in the world, gondolas. Each gondola is unique, made of as many as 280 pieces of eight different varieties of wood. One of these varieties is beech, used for a vital component, the oar. Faè is the unique work of Bepin De Eto, the keeper of stories and traditions of a very special area. A Passito that unfailingly communicates the characteristic aromas and flavours of Incrocio Manzoni 6.0.13 (Riesling Renano x Pinot Bianco).