Harvest 2020: A gustatory future of excellence.


This is an epochal year for human beings, but in the mist of commercial uncertainty Nature took its worthy course, laying the foundations for a production of excellence. These are the signals from the 2020 harvest, in which selected quality gives a foretaste of high-quality wines, in line with what is expected in the DOCG territory.

If the quantity has been moderate, due to particular seasons often showing unexpected behaviours, the expectations of sensory performance are high. The harvest ritual is a precursor of the times to come, an indicator of what Nature itself has decided to offer us. The first sensations are those of a vintage characterised by a high gustatory richness.

Thus, evolving, all that remains is to be ready for a sensory experience once again capable of surpassing itself, in the bottles and in the festive glasses of Bepin De Eto.