The age of maturity captures the value in the essential elements


Bepin De Eto turns 55. The emotion is vivid, made even more significant by the present times. Still today, “The time of the signs”, an exhibition and publication that in 2015 documented our first 50 years of activity, proves to be an expression that is fully valid and current as never before. This is a time when signs, even the most imperceptible, are the protagonists. When that family effort, which Bepin De Eto has founded on ethics, commitment and passion, becomes a true work of art.


A winery must indeed think big, but still pay attention to details: its history of territorial identity comes to life in the minimal space of a grape and in the unsuspected time of the winter season. We will find this story and this identity enclosed in the bottles: Bepin De Eto returns to tell about himself every time the wine swirls in the toasting glasses. But primarily, today, it's time for signs, for tangible demonstrations.

This is what our cellar wants to narrate today. At 55, it's time to leave a mark of excellence throughout. It is precisely maturity that allows us to understand that it is only through solid roots that we can look to a future of authenticity and value.


Happy birthday to us, therefore, not only as a winery, not only as a family, but also as a community of refined tasters and lovers of conviviality. Our best wishes and gratitude are extended today to all those who know how to grasp the elegance in our products, and honour them by making them part of their festive tables.