Bepin De Eto arrives directly to your home.


Bepin De Eto is with you even in such a delicate time. During these days of the lockdown we take the time to rediscover the pleasure of a good book, the excitement of a board game that involves the whole family, or the preparation of an exclusive recipe to match the right wine. Isn’t it nice to dedicate yourself to your passions and to the people you love most.


The looks and the smiles, but there are also many grimaces. There are so many emotions that unite us and keep us all together in the hope that the nation and the world's situation will improve as soon as possible, so we can go back to embracing all those friends and relatives that we cannot have close to us now.


In the meantime, we at the Bepin De Eto winery will not let you miss your favorite wine, thanks to our home delivery service, that is active at this time, you can order from home by contacting us at the following phone number +39 0438 486877 or via e-mail:


You choose the wine, and we'll personally deliver it to your home.