Croda Ronca: new look, unchanging appeal.


Croda Ronca has a new livery. This renowned Bepin de Eto wine, aged in barrique for 30 months, now has a new packaging which, however, preserves the wine's distinguishing graphic elements. While the capsule itself now includes a painted logo, its characteristic red shade is used to highlight the name of this special wine. Croda Ronca, whose initials now flank the central graphic sign, is a doubly exceptional wine because it is a limited edition (a serial number appearing on the back of each bottle) and is actually "signed" by Ettore Ceschin. The golden signature strengthens the family identity concept of Bepin de Eto wines, a name that guarantees a constant commitment to producing excellence. 
As from today, Croda Ronca's complex, elegant bouquet is also to be found in magnums and double magnums. The new sizes can also be included in our new gift packaging.