Bepin De Eto supports the arts in Venice


DALLE DOLOMITI A VENEZIA (E VICEVERSA) MIGRAZIONI D'AUTORE. This is the title (“From the Dolomites to Venice (and back): auteur migrations”) of an exhibition open, until 23 March, at the Officine delle Zattere in Venice, featuring such talents as Raul Barattin, Isabella Bona, Dino Buzzati, Franco Fiabane, Augusto Murer, to mention just a few. Migration is inherently a relocation which always implies a return. The thing that the exhibition’s artists have in common is their attachment to their place of origin, the Dolomites, of which they retain the strength and an incredible sense of beauty. Bepin De Eto sponsors the show in keeping with its tradition of supporting the arts world. The exhibition springs from a reflection on the ties that bind Venice to its Alps and on the relationship among memory, the bond to one’s roots and art, which is typical of those who have left their land and taken its memory with them. Besides, what is wine if not a component of our land sealed in a bottle.