Wine and music, a partnership that never fails to enthuse


Sunday 23 June, in the Piazzale of the Castello in Conegliano, marks the conclusion of the 2nd Festival della Musica nel Paesaggio (Festival of Music in the Landscape). Star of the evening is Maestro Remo Anzovino and his ambitious project of creating the soundtracks for La Grande Arte al Cinema films, which won the Nastro D’Argento, Special Mention, and available worldwide in a special-edition gift box. Accompanying the composer is the prestigious Orchestra Sinfonica of the Accademia Musicale Naonis; together they will reveal the surprising connections between music, art, and images, the real stars of this live performance. 

Here is an event that makes our area a real cultural standout, and Bepin De Eto raises a toast to such exceptional quality!

Photo Simone Di Luca