Nature at its ease in the Bepin De Eto vineyards


When we talk about sustainability at Bepin De Eto, we’re serious. In our Croda Ronca vineyard, we espied a rare, intriguing bird that over the centuries has figured in legends, fairy stories and poems and even found a place in the Bible and the Koran, in Aristophanes, Eugenio Montale, and Ugo Foscolo: the hoopoe. It selected the centre of our DOCG Colli di Conegliano vineyard of Croda Ronca, whose name means “broken-fragmented rock” in the local dialect, the cru in which Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Marzemino are all grown together. Discovering it was certainly a surprise, but a confirmation as well, demonstrating the authenticity that is a hallmark of our wines, a quality that goes beyond the merely promised to deliver concrete evidence of an uncompromised growing area.

Photo Francesco Galifi