VAISS, for a sparkling 2022


The very name VAISS captures the expectant opulence of the toasts it holds in store. This is a complex wine with impeccable clarity, which even from its very phonetics expresses, both the dominance of exotic fruit, including pineapple, in its aroma, and its light and captivating palate. Enjoy it under the Christmas tree, with the perfect glass to give it the perfect accent: the tulip goblet or narrowing goblet. A glass that is blooming like the sensory explosion that the wine releases, with a mouth that closes to retain the entire experience. Salty, fresh, dry at the finish: it is a perfect accompaniment to fish, hors d'oeuvres, soups and stews. Capable of holding its own throughout a meal, it remains ideal for introductory toasts. So, whether it be for Christmas Eve or dinner, trust in a true masterpiece to accompany all the positive memories of this magical time of year.