Imprinted on a unique terroir


Terroir is a living, breathing entity in the Bepin De Eto landscape. This is apparent whenever the ritual of uncorking a bottle of wine kicks off a celebratory moment when you share a festive occasion and celebrate it with your loved ones and friends over a glass of wine, poised to become the symbol of the occasion. Whether it is the composition of the soil itself, exposure to the sun or the microclimate defined by Mother Nature each year for those who know how to reap the benefits, an almost magical combination certainly takes place on these slopes. It is the harmony between favourable environmental conditions, the fervent commitment of man, and the refinement of procedures based on age-old heritage.  Every bouquet, aroma and scent of our wines renders a recognisable and excellent territory waiting to be discovered, maybe even with a trip in person that will leave its mark on this land of ours.