Glasses raised for Manzoni Bianco and Colli di Conegliano Greccio Bianco 2020


Bepin De Eto shines its glasses and presents its Manzoni Bianco 2020 and Colli di Conegliano Greccio Bianco 2020 in spring. Two graceful products that best express our territory, that hilly area of Conegliano, on the slopes of the first foothills of the Dolomites, recognised as the beating heart of one of the most admired wine-growing areas in the world.


Today, these two great wines take on an almost symbolic value: they represent life advancing with energy and excellence. They are lively and delicious testimonies of a cycle that will make us raise our glasses again, after months of commitment, passion, even suffering, precise dedication and genuineness, as much in our intent as in the instruments we use, to be chosen almost as life companions.