Sitting at the table with the Bepin De Eto Merlot.


Velvety ruby as the top colour for a winter table rich in passion and full of character. This is what the Bepin De Eto Merlot transmits, an intense wine, in the chromatic nuances as well as in the aroma, where decisive evocations blend with genuine taste.


Ripe red fruit, cherries, berries, the common thread is evident and leads, after tasting, to a persistent flavour. The texture that generates the sensory experience is thus also a real narrative: it tells of ageing on the skins, fermentation and refinement, of the remarkable personality of that hilly area of Conegliano on the slopes of the first dolomite rocks, where strongly defined wines are born.


The image of our Merlot on a set table comes naturally: it is a long-time friend, with whom to sit at the table and savour a good cheese, feel at home and be enthusiastically amazed.