The Rive di Rua renews itself in the sign of the number three.


Three is the number of perfection but it is also the residual sugar contained in the new Rive di Rua by Bepin de Eto. A reduced quantity of sugar for a sparkling novelty with an excellent taste that is going to satisfy more and more the most attentive and expert consumers who love and appreciate the "cleansing" effect of these sparkling wines on the palate.


Recently awarded with the Silver Medal at the "XVIII International Città del Vino Wine Competition" in Frascati, the Rive di Rua has an intense aroma, fresh and delicate, where the fruity notes of pear, apple and banana are enriched with scents of white flowers and the finish brings spicy Mediterranean notes with thyme and oregano.


Elegant and with a balanced acidity, it is the perfect sparkling wine for three moments of pleasant conviviality: excellent as an aperitif, ideal for enhancing the delicacy of fish, shellfish dishes and shellfish appetizers and finally able to accompany with balanced freshness light and delicate first courses. Bepin de Eto is ready to surprise your senses with a new "family product" with inimitable characteristics, which will undoubtedly capture the attention of the most demanding connoisseurs.