The evolution of the role of the wine: from a food of necessity to a moment of escape for a timeless pleasure.


Do you know that the word wine comes from the word vena, which in Sanskrit means to love? Our passion is therefore rooted in a distant epoch, and it is precisely in that word (vein) that the feeling we feel for the nectar of Bacchus is enclosed.


Consider that for centuries wine has been considered a precious food, important for ensuring a balanced diet between simple and frugal dishes. But not only: the wine assumed a fundamental role in the family also for its tonic and nourishing properties, for the energizing effect and for the beneficial effects on the mood since the work in the countryside was tiring, and the wine guaranteed a small push to face it better. And how can we not mention its antiseptic and disinfectant virtues? The most effective way to avoid the proliferation of infections at that time.

Today we live in a world of global industrialization where wine has lost its role of food, becoming instead an element of entertainment, the protagonist of moments of relaxation and celebration. From a massive consumption, driven by nutritional needs, we have passed to a conscious consumption, from the need to drink to the pleasure of tasting.


Not only the consumption characteristics have changed, but also and above all the qualitative ones. The wine of the past was certainly not good: today we aim a lot to obtain products that have a balanced taste, harmonious and respectful of the characteristics of the grape. Furthermore, the time to devote to winemaking has increased, the wine professions have specialized and the result is a great decline in quality with hundreds of different labels. Classic wines of the past have been rediscovered, some have gained the limelight while maintaining their ancient features, and others are a discovery for the senses.


Therefore, the journey of wine, begun almost 7,000 years ago in Egypt, it is far from over: as a star food of the peasant diet it has now become a precious gem to share with friends, for a timeless pleasure.


An emotional pleasure that Bepin De Eto has been pursuing since 1965 with the excellence of its red, white, sweet and sparkling wines. A choice of absolute quality and continuous research to pamper the palate in everyday life at the table, but also to mark the seasons of life between unexpected proposals, important goals and special occasions that affect the soul of emotions at the sound of the toast, in the motto “ Enjoy Your Sparkling Pleasure! ”.