Croda Ronca: a ‘vertical’ handstand of emotions.


"I did an extraordinary handstand".  At this point your neighbor could look at you in a puzzled way, absolutely unconvinced of your gymnastic skills. For wine lovers, on the other hand, there is no doubt that this is one of the most important wine ceremonies in the world: the vertical tasting. A taste of different vintages, a minimum of five, of the same wine in order to assess the higher or lower quality of each vintage and verify the evolution of the wine over time.


This is what happened on Wednesday February 20th in the exceptional setting of the Bepin De Eto winery, where the Ceschin family - in collaboration with AIS Treviso - hosted a special evening of tasting dedicated to the Croda Ronca, one of the highest expressions of the Colli (Hills) of Conegliano DOCG. An exclusive event in the name of seven vintages of the red champion and spearhead of the company, for a vertical tasting of scents and emotions from the wine years 1997 to 2012.


After appreciating the captivating simplicity of the younger vintages, the tasting continued going backwards in time so that the palate could better perceive the complex persuasiveness of the oldest thousandths.  A sensorial journey that overturns the deeper meaning of the word "vertical" which, referring to a line drawn by the force of gravity, descends from above to below, and chronologically comes from the past to the present. Therefore, if on one side the same olfactory and gustatory thread emerged in all the vintages, it is a sign that it is the "terroir" to be the master, on the other the extreme elegance and freshness of the former and a greater structure and maturity of the fruit is accompanied by a slight increase in the alcohol content in the others.


Many expressions for a unique and unmistakable way of being, a true work of art by the family: an important red with a complex, ethereal and elegant aroma, where the notes of cinnamon and leather stand out, accompanied by hints of hay, tobacco, vanilla and cocoa . But it is on the palate that it expresses all of its character which was well accompanied at the end of the evening with an excellent dish of venison and polenta.


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