The luxury of simplicity. Bepin de Eto wishes you Happy Holidays.


The Christmas tale gives us every year the feeling of living the perfect moment. These are special days, with precious time devoted to ourselves, to others and to the pleasure of simplicity. Because in a world that is dramatically evolving and travels ever faster, true happiness is found in the places of the heart, in good wines and in kind people. It is an ethereal and charming beauty that resides in the pleasure of a rediscovered value that inspires us to live life with a slower pace. Could this be the true magic of Christmas? Surely during the Holidays frenzy gives way to lightness, which on the best occasions is accompanied by the rediscovered pleasure of a good glass of sparkling wine shared with your loved ones, in front of a crackling fire, among smiles, hugs and stories that evoke lost emotions  that are finally rediscovered. For us, this is the true luxury of life and there is nothing more beautiful in the world.

Thanking all our customers for the consideration and affection shown us in 2018, we wish you to spend a peaceful Christmas and a happy New Year with many moments spent in good company among a thousand toasts.