With Bepin De Eto, the perfect gift for a magical Christmas.


When it comes to gifts, Christmas is a very familiar challenge every year, trying to imagine what could please our friends, relatives and business partners. Giving a bottle of wine for the Holidays is always a good idea, because each wine has a special story to tell, a precious memory to recall or an authentic emotion to share. This time of the year, the best Bepin de Eto wines are magically dressed to celebrate great occasions and provide the right emphasis to a unique and special Christmas gift for the fortune of those who will receive it. And if a single bottle is not enough, success will be assured with our special proposals, like the wonderful lithographed packages for one or more bottles or the Magnum format. As you know, the Christmas table is always crowded! We also offer prestigious wooden caskets with a selection of six different wines to provide a taste of the excellent product range by Bepin De Eto: the ideal choice for the most discerning wine lovers. Finally, there is always that special person: surprise him or her with our Croda Ronca, the Star of the Bepin De Eto winery, available in a lithographed six-bottle package or, for an even more elegant proposal, the traditional six-bottle wooden case, the Magnum or the double magnum in their wooden boxes. DOCG and vintage wines, or DOCG and cuvée sparkling wines: at Bepin de Eto everything is ready to advise you regarding the perfect gift to put under the tree, for every style and personality. Make your order within the month of November to have a broader choice without the unpleasant rush of the last days. we will be happy to take your orders and meet your requests at + 39 0438 486877 or by email: info@bepindeeto.it